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It's not about being perfect, but simply just doing our best. If I'm going to contribute to the world of handmade goods, I want to create beautiful things that people can feel good about purchasing and that I can feel proud to produce.

Hi, I'm Amy the scrappy sewist behind Wallace Read. I'm on a mission to make my projects primarily from fabric scraps, remnants, deadstock, and preloved textiles. It's a great practice to help minimize textile waste, and it's one of the many small ways I can help the environment. I enjoy the challenge of working with what I can find, and using textiles that are already in circulation.


I'm a Mom to a delightful little girl, who loves to play, craft, and use her imagination. She has led me down the path to explore sewing projects that support her creative play. Taking her lead and making things that align with her interests has inspired me to take my sewing in this new direction. We're in the market for projects that spark joy, fun, and the imagination. Thanks for joining us!

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