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Fixing The Dreaded Jean Gap!

Finding jeans that fit. The struggle is real!! While being an avid thrifter I realize makes it even more challenging, but also all my fellow curvy girls out there, you get it! You find your dream pair, try them on and they fit gloriously everywhere- except one spot, the waist band is too big at the back. The skinny jeans trend has made it even harder. Almost ALL my pants are cursed with the dreaded back gap on the waist band, and adding a belt doesn’t solve the problem. There are a lot of different hacks out there to solve this issue, they all have their benefits and their challenges but mine is simple and quick. I’ve done it on so many of my pants I’ve lost count. It does involve a sewing machine, but it’s just straight lines. I promise you can handle it. So come join me while I fix a couple more pairs! You can check out the full tutorial on my youtube channel here!

So many jeans!!

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