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JUNE - Bags for a Cause!

I’m SO EXCITED about this campaign. I wanted to do something to show my support for Pride in a meaningful way. SO for the month of June (PRIDE Month!!) this limited series is raising funds for a wonderful Toronto based charity, Rainbow Railroad. They provide support to LGBTQI individuals who are seeking a safe haven from state sponsored or enabled violence. They help provide airfare, and financial support for travel costs. They also help provide information and resources on how to make an asylum claim directly in safer countries or through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) resettlement process. For a lot of these people a plane ticket issued quickly can mean the difference of Life and Death.

What can you do? 📢 Spread the word about this charity, share this post, tell a friend. Check out their website and support the work they are doing. You can buy a bag! (These small ones are only $14) I’ve donated my time and materials so that ALL THE MONEY raised from these bags will go directly to Rainbow Railroad! (Except shipping costs - that goes to Canada Post). ALSO you can donate directly to the organization on their website If you do, screen capture it and send it to me. Anyone who purchases a bag, or donates to them this month will be entered into a draw to win one of my bigger bags (TBA). But you have to send me a pic/msg or I have no way of knowing you donated! Email

I’ll be adding some more little wallets and a few fanny packs in the upcoming week too! This series, while all different on the outside, all have the same lining. A mix of rainbow coloured hearts and peace signs, and they all have a heart on the front, because #loveislove ❤️ #bagsforacause 🌈 #equalityforall

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